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A Brief Guide on Car Insurance-UAE

Do you know that as per the government of UAE all registered cars and vehicles will have to compulsorily carry Motor Insurance Policy. The cars and vehicles will not only have to register, but they should be renewed every year thereafter along with the purchase of motor insurance Policy. The Insurance Authority has mandated unified motor insurance policy as a minimum for all insurance companies in UAE to be offered. All the Best Motor Insurance companies in UAE offer cover wider than the unified motor insurance policy. Types of Motor Insurance There are two types of Motor Insurance in the UAE. Third-Party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance.  Following an accident where you are at fault, you could end up either injuring any pedestrians or passengers in the other cars or end up damaging public property, other motor cars or property damage. This is Third Party Insurance (TPL) for you. You can suffer damages to your car either due to your fault or the fault of othe

Top Travel insurance policies in the UAE

Dubai is known for building things bigger and better than anyone else in the world, and now it has another accolade –  the globe’s most important shopping destination . A report by CBRE claims the city has more international brands than anywhere else in the world, and has overtaken London, Exotic beaches and other local tourist attractions encourage international tourism and heartily welcomes globe trotters, businessmen, executives, tourists, and all others and provides the maximum comfort, facilities, support and guidance till they exit from the city. People that come to Dubai also visit all other important cities like Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ajman before they depart to their own countries.  When it comes to Travel Insurance, you can choose the best policies that suit your requirements and some of the policies which you can compare and purchase before boarding the aircraft are listed below: Travel Senior Plus cover Travel Secure Plu

Triple Delight Offer - Buy 1 Get 3 Free

Get  # Free  Term Life, Home Insurance, Content & Personal Belongings with Global Coverage on every purchase of  # MotorInsurance . Why Wait!! Yalla Let's Compare and Get your Car Insurance Instantly. For more details, Visit  

How Car Insurance Policy are renewed in the UAE

Buying or Renewing  Car Insurance in UAE is  a systematic and delicate process and customers that own cars like Toyota, Nisan, KIA, Mercedez-Benz, Mitsubishi and BMW should exercise caution and also be patient while selecting the reputed insurance companies that are operating in the UAE. It is imperative to note that the UAE insurance market is sizable and there are lots of reputed  Car Insurance Companies  like  Noor Takaful Insurance , New India Assurance, Oman Insurance and Qatar Insurance Company which sells both  Third Party Insurance  and Comprehensive Motor Insurance policies to the citizens living in the UAE. If you are planning to buy or renew your  Car Insurance Dubai , first and foremost thing you should consider is the reputation and trustworthiness of the broking firms which are operating in Dubai and other Emirates. If you fall into that category, then you should buy or renew  a car insurance  policy through    since this company is only digi

Consider these tips while Renewing Your UAE Car Insurance

UAE is regularly witnessing road accidents even though the RTA authorities, are taking maximum measures to improve the traffic snarls, blocks, and jams. Even officials working in RTA Dubai have strictly advised all the car owners to ensure that their Car Insurance are renewed   from reputed insurance companies.  Renewing Car Insurance  through online digital platforms is becoming the latest trend and car owners that own cars are showing interest to buy or renew their digital  car insurance  policy from reputed insurance companies.   Important tips that you should keep in mind at the time of renewing the policy is Some of the important documents that you have to upload during the time of renewal in the online digital portal are Valid Mulkiya, Valid Driving License, Valid Emirates id and No claim Certificate from your previous insurer Keep adequate funds in the banks and credit card so that you can buy policy hassle-free. Follow the renewal

Digital Broking Firm that breathes Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is consistently seeing tremendous advancement and thanks to the Support of our Visionary Leaders and the technocrats that are toiling round the clock and giving a new shape to this mind-blowing technology. Even rapidly growing digital broking firms have started using AI and are automating the process flows that are related to operations, underwriting, and claims management. One such  digital broker,  InsureAtOasis    has successfully digitized  third party insurance,  comprehensive motor policy, home, and travel insurance has successfully issued thousands of policies and creating a big impact in the community. Do not allow your  Car Insurance Dubai  to get lapsed and decide to renew it instantly through .  You can watch walk-through-videos before buying or renewing your policy and take the next course of action. As an esteemed customer, you can enjoy the privilege of buying or renewing the policy from the comfort of your home or

Digital Broker in UAE that embraces trending digital technology

One of the greatest initiatives that are taken by the ruling government is making Dubai paper-free. If this initiative takes a positive shape the city will be able to save millions of trees in the future thereby making Dubai an environmentally friendly country. To strongly support this wonderful initiative that is taken by the government and the ruler is continuously promoting Online Insurance Policies like Motor, Travel, Home and also other types of policies through its own state of the art digital platform right from the beginning and has so far has successfully issued thousands of insurance policies to various customers only through online portal. Interestingly, it is also a great move to support the initiative that is taken by the government in making Dubai and other cities a paperless destination. It also saves the need for the Insurer to travel and beat the traffic and can buy the policy from the comfort of his home. If the customer is in urgent need of a mot

What is the origin of fire insurance?

DEVELOPMENT OF FIRE INSURANCE In England in 1601, the Poor Relief Act was passed, to provide relief for and maintenance of the poor people. According to this Act, letters called briefs' were read in the church asking for collections from the parish people to help those who suffered losses from fire. But the collections were far below what was required for a reasonable relief GREAT FIRE OF LONDON Between September 2nd and September 5th, 1666 a historical disaster overtook London. It was the Great Fire of London. From where the fire sparked off nobody could say. But the fire spread wild and raged for three full days destroying four-fifths of the city.It was this great fire which encouraged the Idea insuring against loss by fire. Between 1667 and 1680 several attempts were made to commence Insurance schemes by various people. Nicholas Barbon, a builder eventually set up Fire Office in 1680 for the Insurance of houses. By 1684 other fire Insurance offices came into existence

Evolution of Marine Insurance

Around the 13th Century, Lombardy of Northern Italy emerged as a flourishing center for trade. The early practice of Insurance of ships is called marine Insurance and is associated with the merchants of the cities of Lombardy. The Lombard’s also established themselves in London and other cities. When the Germans conquered and devastated the cities of Northern Italy, many of the mercantile families of Lombardy migrated to the more favored and settled countries where they would be more secure and free to practice their trade. Many of them went to London. Wherever they went the Lombard’s took with them the practices of marine Insurance, banking and money lending. The earliest known policy issued in London was inscribed in Italian and was dated 20th Sept. 1547. The policy written in English dated 1555 was known to be on the ship “Santa Crux” from any part of the Isles of India of Calicut to Lisbon. In contrast to the Jews who demanded very high rates of interest for their loans, the

Origin and History of the Insurance Industry

The Ancient Days The earliest man is said to have used his overgrown fingernails as a means of protection. The Stone Age man found the sharp edge of the stone as a better Idea. He slowly developed weapons. When he moved northwards to colder regions, he had to find a way of protecting himself against the biting cold He took shelter in the cave. Besides he had to find ways of protecting himself against fire, flood, and loss to his life.  Slowly as his needs began to increase, so did his belongings. He had to find methods to safeguard his property and life against losses. He was willing to make some sort of sacrifice to achieve security in this way he has ever been in search of protection against various risks to his life and continues his quest for security. Insurance is one of the most effective protection found by man as a way of dealing with risks, against uncertainty. Although the thought of protection has gained momentum in the recent past the origin was found back almost 600

The Impact of InsurTech on Insurance Industry

What is InsurTech? InsurTech is a portmanteau word derived from ‘Insurance’ and ‘Technology’. It is the Technology that revolutionized the traditional Insurance Industry’s foundation, operations, and distribution. In recent times policyholders can see a visible change in the process of insuring, claiming insurance benefits and filing documents.  Insurtech simplifies the customer journey, policy management and increases penetration and reach of insurance. It also brings about a visible competition to thrive in the Insurance Industry How InsurTech is reshaping insurance? Insurance Companies are now focusing on various innovative ways to increase their customer satisfaction and reach. Product enhancements & newer products, pricing accuracy, speedy settlements, newer insurance concepts like UBI, P2P are emerging. Major technologies that transformed the insurance industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI)   AI is on-demand in the Insurance Sector. Artificial Intel

Types of Car Insurance in UAE

Insuring is the first and foremost step needed to be taken after buying a car in UAE and other Emirates. With the rise of Online Car Insurance market, policy premiums are now available at a cheaper cost. Before saving your money you need to have a brief idea about which type of car insurance is required. To reduce your stress we have outlined UAE Car Insurance types, Policy Inclusions and Exclusions.  1.                Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) TPl is mandatory as per UAE law. It is the most basic and cheapest form of coverage options available. Third Party Insurance covers damage caused by the insured vehicle to other party. The Insurance Company is not liable to pay for any damage caused to the insured vehicle and people in the vehicle. For cheap car insurance premiums you can go for Third Party Liability (TPL) basic Policy. Policy Inclusions: ·          Policy covers injured Third Party i.e. A person or passengers in the third party vehicle ·          I

Dubai-based Oasis Insurance has launched an e-commerce insurance portal

Press Release With unique features and enhanced experience, the website is gaining traction day-by-day, according to the company. Oasis Insurance aims to empower the customers by simplifying the way policies were issued earlier be it for motor, travel or home. Seeing the delay in the delivery of policies by other providers, Oasis Insurance took up the challenge to offer convenience to its customers and save their time and money that led to the launch of . The portal redefines customer experience by smartly using artificial intelligence as against lead generating portals one usually come across. Another user-friendly feature for the customers includes auto populating of the documents (Emirates ID, driving license and registration card) captured on mobile phones such as the driver's personal and vehicle details and the claims' history. It saves the user from keying in the details such as chassis number and the current value of the vehicle. It offers a u

7 Major Benefits of Buying Insurance Online

With the trending age and busy lifestyle, almost every product or service is searched and purchased online. E-Commerce platform is a major source to showcase that product/service to the customer. Reliable information, genuine reviews and authenticity are main concerns for every customer. Buying an online insurance is no different from an E-Commerce purchase. Instead you can avail various benefits along with your Policy claims. Most of your friends may already started enjoying them. Without wasting the time we have briefed some of the major Benefits which you can collect from your Online Insurance.        1. Quick and Convenient Process Most of our time in a day is spent online. Instead of going to an Insurance Company and waiting in long queue it is best to go online. With minimum entries and clicks the process of filing documents for your policy has been made easy. Online Insurance portals have a mobile friendly, customized dashboard with trusted Online Payment options wh