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Types of Car Insurance in UAE

Insuring is the first and foremost step needed to be taken after buying a car in UAE and other Emirates. With the rise of Online Car Insurance market, policy premiums are now available at a cheaper cost. Before saving your money you need to have a brief idea about which type of car insurance is required. To reduce your stress we have outlined UAE Car Insurance types, Policy Inclusions and Exclusions.  1.                Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) TPl is mandatory as per UAE law. It is the most basic and cheapest form of coverage options available. Third Party Insurance covers damage caused by the insured vehicle to other party. The Insurance Company is not liable to pay for any damage caused to the insured vehicle and people in the vehicle. For cheap car insurance premiums you can go for Third Party Liability (TPL) basic Policy. Policy Inclusions: ·          Policy covers injured Third Party i.e. A person or passengers in the third party vehicle ·          I

Dubai-based Oasis Insurance has launched an e-commerce insurance portal

Press Release With unique features and enhanced experience, the website is gaining traction day-by-day, according to the company. Oasis Insurance aims to empower the customers by simplifying the way policies were issued earlier be it for motor, travel or home. Seeing the delay in the delivery of policies by other providers, Oasis Insurance took up the challenge to offer convenience to its customers and save their time and money that led to the launch of . The portal redefines customer experience by smartly using artificial intelligence as against lead generating portals one usually come across. Another user-friendly feature for the customers includes auto populating of the documents (Emirates ID, driving license and registration card) captured on mobile phones such as the driver's personal and vehicle details and the claims' history. It saves the user from keying in the details such as chassis number and the current value of the vehicle. It offers a u

7 Major Benefits of Buying Insurance Online

With the trending age and busy lifestyle, almost every product or service is searched and purchased online. E-Commerce platform is a major source to showcase that product/service to the customer. Reliable information, genuine reviews and authenticity are main concerns for every customer. Buying an online insurance is no different from an E-Commerce purchase. Instead you can avail various benefits along with your Policy claims. Most of your friends may already started enjoying them. Without wasting the time we have briefed some of the major Benefits which you can collect from your Online Insurance.        1. Quick and Convenient Process Most of our time in a day is spent online. Instead of going to an Insurance Company and waiting in long queue it is best to go online. With minimum entries and clicks the process of filing documents for your policy has been made easy. Online Insurance portals have a mobile friendly, customized dashboard with trusted Online Payment options wh