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Digital Broking Firm that breathes Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is consistently seeing tremendous advancement and thanks to the Support of our Visionary Leaders and the technocrats that are toiling round the clock and giving a new shape to this mind-blowing technology. Even rapidly growing digital broking firms have started using AI and are automating the process flows that are related to operations, underwriting, and claims management. One such  digital broker,  InsureAtOasis    has successfully digitized  third party insurance,  comprehensive motor policy, home, and travel insurance has successfully issued thousands of policies and creating a big impact in the community. Do not allow your  Car Insurance Dubai  to get lapsed and decide to renew it instantly through .  You can watch walk-through-videos before buying or renewing your policy and take the next course of action. As an esteemed customer, you can enjoy the privilege of buying or renewing the policy from the comfort of your home or

Digital Broker in UAE that embraces trending digital technology

One of the greatest initiatives that are taken by the ruling government is making Dubai paper-free. If this initiative takes a positive shape the city will be able to save millions of trees in the future thereby making Dubai an environmentally friendly country. To strongly support this wonderful initiative that is taken by the government and the ruler is continuously promoting Online Insurance Policies like Motor, Travel, Home and also other types of policies through its own state of the art digital platform right from the beginning and has so far has successfully issued thousands of insurance policies to various customers only through online portal. Interestingly, it is also a great move to support the initiative that is taken by the government in making Dubai and other cities a paperless destination. It also saves the need for the Insurer to travel and beat the traffic and can buy the policy from the comfort of his home. If the customer is in urgent need of a mot

What is the origin of fire insurance?

DEVELOPMENT OF FIRE INSURANCE In England in 1601, the Poor Relief Act was passed, to provide relief for and maintenance of the poor people. According to this Act, letters called briefs' were read in the church asking for collections from the parish people to help those who suffered losses from fire. But the collections were far below what was required for a reasonable relief GREAT FIRE OF LONDON Between September 2nd and September 5th, 1666 a historical disaster overtook London. It was the Great Fire of London. From where the fire sparked off nobody could say. But the fire spread wild and raged for three full days destroying four-fifths of the city.It was this great fire which encouraged the Idea insuring against loss by fire. Between 1667 and 1680 several attempts were made to commence Insurance schemes by various people. Nicholas Barbon, a builder eventually set up Fire Office in 1680 for the Insurance of houses. By 1684 other fire Insurance offices came into existence