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Top Travel insurance policies in the UAE

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Dubai is known for building things bigger and better than anyone else in the world, and now it has another accolade – the globe’s most important shopping destination. A report by CBRE claims the city has more international brands than anywhere else in the world, and has overtaken London, Exotic beaches and other local tourist attractions encourage international tourism and heartily welcomes globe trotters, businessmen, executives, tourists, and all others and provides the maximum comfort, facilities, support and guidance till they exit from the city. People that come to Dubai also visit all other important cities like Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ajman before they depart to their own countries. 

When it comes to Travel Insurance, you can choose the best policies that suit your requirements and some of the policies which you can compare and purchase before boarding the aircraft are listed below:

  • Travel Senior Plus cover
  • Travel Secure Plus cover
  • Travel Safe Plus cover
  • Travel Lite Plus cover 

You can get complete information about coverage and exclusion details when you visit the portal by comparing and buying the policies instantly that are issued by top insurance companies like Orient Insurance, Qatar Insurance etc. that operate from UAE.

It is worth to note that InsureAtOasis has launched the first of its kind AI-powered online digital insurance portal and buying or renewing various types of policies including Travel Insurance will be a delightful experience. This portal which is trusted by thousands of policyholders is a safe and secured Portal for all your Insurance requirements. 

Travelers, Tourists, Corporate executives, and all others that embark in the country of the UAE should take measures to visit all the world-famous tourist destinations and finish-off their given assignments before going back to their home towns. Visiting dolphinarium, cable car and exotic bird shows will also be a delightful experience for the tourists that throng the city of Dubai. Staying in Dubai for a few days or weeks will be an experience that will linger in the minds for years. Citizens of the UAE, foreign nationals and others should make it a point to buy Travel Insurance Policy through the InsureAtOasis website after completing their trip along with flight tickets and visas, if they are planning to exit from UAE and land in other countries. Every individual that is planning to fly to other countries like the USA, UK, Europe, India, Singapore and so on after completing their local trip should compulsorily purchase Travel Insurance through the above site which is powered by artificial intelligence and other most advanced programming languages. 

Buy your Travel Insurance Policy instantly

InsureAtOasis is the best digital broker cum aggregator site that offers various types of online digital insurance policies to various types of customers at discounted rates. Anyone who is planning to go abroad can register on this secured aggregator site and buy one of the fastest-selling Travel Insurance Policies in UAE after comparing it with various insurance companies like Orient Insurance, Qatar Insurance company. It is interesting to note that this Best Online Insurance in UAE which has sold tens of thousands of policies through its AI-powered portal has partnered with more than insurance companies like Orient Insurance, New India Assurance, and Noor Takaful.

The complete journey is just a 3 step simple process

The moment the insured pays the premium through the secured payment gateway his or her policies will be delivered to the email box within minutes. You can also compare and buy online Motor Insurance Policy.



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