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A Brief Guide on Car Insurance-UAE

Do you know that as per the government of UAE all registered cars and vehicles will have to compulsorily carry Motor Insurance Policy. The cars and vehicles will not only have to register, but they should be renewed every year thereafter along with the purchase of motor insurance Policy. The Insurance Authority has mandated unified motor insurance policy as a minimum for all insurance companies in UAE to be offered. All the Best Motor Insurance companies in UAE offer cover wider than the unified motor insurance policy.

Types of Motor Insurance

There are two types of Motor Insurance in the UAE. Third-Party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. 

Following an accident where you are at fault, you could end up either injuring any pedestrians or passengers in the other cars or end up damaging public property, other motor cars or property damage. This is Third Party Insurance (TPL) for you.

You can suffer damages to your car either due to your fault or the fault of others. Comprehensive car insurance in UAE will cover loss or damage to your car and also your third party insurance.

Rights under the unified comprehensive car insurance policy

Your insurer shall compensate you for loss or damage to your Motor Vehicle and its accessories (standard accessories provided at the time of buying your vehicle) , including damaged parts and spare parts due to an accident, hit and run, collision, overturning, fire, explosion, spontaneous combustion, lightning, theft, robbery, any willful act by any third party.

It is not just that, you will be happy to know that even if your car happens to be towed; your comprehensive car insurance policy will still respond. This includes even during the loading and unloading of your car to tow.

Your comprehensive car insurance policy will cover both total loss and partial loss to your vehicle. 

Are you the only person authorized to drive under the unified comprehensive car insurance policy in Dubai, UAE?

You are the authorized person to drive the vehicle but you will be happy to note anybody holding a valid driving license issued in UAE can also drive your vehicle with your permission. Kudos!!!!! It’s not just you, your family and friends can also drive in UAE. 
Furthermore, do you know that if your driving license has expired at the time of the accident, you will still be covered provided you manage to renew the license within thirty days? Don’t you call this pragmatic!!!!!

Where to buy Online Insurance?

Do you know that you can buy online Comprehensive Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE only at The only site in the UAE which provides for you to compare and buy your cheapest comprehensive car insurance policy. 

All the policies sold at comply with the minimum unified comprehensive car insurance and much more!!

At; you can find the top insurance companies in UAE; like Orient Insurance, Oman Insurance, New India Assurance, Noor Takaful, Al Wathba National Insurance, Union Insurance, AXA Insurance, Qatar Insurance allowing a wide choice to compare car insurance products and compare car insurance quotes.

What are you waiting for?

Visit immediately and explore a wide range of top insurance companies in the UAE and a wide array of car insurance products!!!!! Don’t be surprised they also offer cheapest Term Life Insurance in the world apart from Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Cash Back Insurance.

You can bankon InsureAtOasis to provide you with the best and cheapest insurance as they are the first and only insurtech insurancemarket place in UAE.

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