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Top 5 Insurance covers everyone should have in 2020

The only certainty in life is that it is uncertain, no one can predict how tomorrow is going to be. Your assets could be damaged because of natural disaster, you could meet with a car accident on your way back home or you could be diagnosed with a critical illness. You cannot foresee the future but you can protect it.

Here are the five types of insurance covers everyone should have to guarantee peace of mind in a world of uncertainty.

Vehicle Insurance:

One of the mandatory insurance for vehicle owners in UAE is Vehicle Insurance. Every resident of UAE should insure their newly bought vehicle and renew vehicle insurance policy every year.

Insurance Premiums will vary based on the vehicle age, brand, type, and other factors. Smart residents nowadays choosing online insurance platforms that offer an easy, convenient and quick policy in minutes. No documentation required and customers can compare quotes & buy a policy instantly from top insurance companies. Check the add-ons that suit best for the vehicle and go through policy thoroughly.

Travel Insurance:

A travel plan is not complete without securing your travel. Travel Insurance will make your travel safe and stress-free. In the case of Travel delay, lost luggage or passport, medical emergency – travel insurance comes to your rescue. You can select your travel insurance based on how frequently you will travel abroad.

The right time to buy your travel policy is right after booking your journey. Travel Coverage has wide options and add-ons, one should choose a suitable cover according to their travel. Business or recreation whatever the trip may be travel insurance is a must.

Home Insurance:
Home insurance is often neglected, ignored or most definitely underrated. A sudden fire breakthrough may completely damage your home and property. Both house owners & tenants should insure their house and personal belongings respectively.
As a homeowner, Home Insurance protects major financial loss caused by natural disasters, fire, and other events. Whereas a tenant is not covered under homeowner insurance. Contents of the house are the major concern for a renter. So home insurance for a tenant ensures all your personal belongings are covered against theft or damage.   

Health Insurance:

UAE govt. made it mandatory that each employer should ensure every employee in the organization is covered. Health Insurance is the most important type of insurance to have. 

Consider the annual coverage before choosing your Health Insurance plan. Check the network hospitals under which your plan is covered. For chronic conditions coverage and other exclusions, read the policy thoroughly. 

Life Insurance:

A financially secure deposit is always necessary to protect your dependents in case of sudden death. Life Insurance guarantees payment of a death benefit to the named beneficiaries upon the death of the insured. Different types of policies exist under life insurance. Term Insurance is the most affordable life insurance policy, the policy covers the insurer under fixed term with a monetary benefit only in case of death within that term. 


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